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Langues Sans Frontières Islamabad is a language teaching institute set up by a group of foreign qualified teachers wishing to provide high quality language courses for our community that meet the challenges of today’s global world. LSF Islamabad strives to achieve this goal by emphasizing innovative teaching methodologies, based on the latest developments in pedagogy. We are committed to helping students achieve their academic, professional and personal objectives.

LSF Islamabad uses a curriculum that incorporates a communicative and holistic approach and encourages immersion in the culture, customs and environment of the language being taught.

We provide quality and cost-effective courses, keeping in mind that language learners have different objectives and learning styles at all levels of language competences, from beginner to proficiency level. Our sessions allow learners the flexibility to establish their own learning plan. Each of our sessions ends with an evaluation and certification.

We offer different types of courses, including general, intensive or extensive, workshops and evening classes. By attending these courses, participants achieve recognized certification.

The quality of the courses run by LSFI is recognized by our public, thanks to its qualified teachers, and tailor-made courses. Our asset is the brand image established on the quality of teaching methods, the training of our teachers, on the quality of our services, and innovative and high-quality educational activities.

LSFI also tries to promote all aspects of culture, such as: Literature, History, Gastronomy and Arts.

About Us

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